Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Few Recent Makes

Here are some cards I've made recently. I've gotten back into card making a bit more since I've moved my stuff to the new house.

A going away card for a girl at work.

Birthday card for my Dad.

21st Card

Mother's Day card for my Mum.

One for M.I.L.

Wedding Card

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A few cards

Well despite my good intentions it's been quite a while since I posted. Still haven't got back into the swing of crafting. Most of what I've done has been stuff I've had to do, and usually in a hurry too. It seems like the last month or so I just been chasing my tail. You know when you're really busy but you have nothing to show for it. I suppose I did start a new job at the beginning of June but I don't think I can really use that as an excuse. Hopefully now that I have my summer holidays I'll get back into it. Still haven't printed off any photos from the travels but I suppose once I do I'll have a reason to get scrapping again. Speaking of photos I booked a photographer for the wedding today (well we booked but you know what I mean, I decided and he paid lol). Here's his blog  . I love his style of photography. He's really passionate about capturing the day naturally and moments as they happen rather than staged shots. I love the idea of that.

Anyway here's some of what I've been up to in the craftroom.

Here's a get well card I did just the other day

I reckon it's the first time I've used that swirly stamp in the 3 or so years I've had it.

This card is for my niece who's 1 tomorrow, and guess what I just realised as I was doing this card - She's given me something to use my 'z's for. Now I just need to know someone with an 'x' in their name.

This is a birthday card I did for my granny. The ink is metallic so that's why you can't see some of the greeting. It's all there really.

Here is one I did for the principal inn the school I used to work in. He retired recently. The logo on the front is the school crest. They're not actually the school colours, but they're the colours of the school teams, so I don't think he'll mind. Designed it myself on the craftrobo. Impressed myself with that. Usually I just download templates or merge shapes.
I made this for a boy I used to babysit.Obviously enough it was for his First Communion. You can't see but the white background behind the cross is embossed with swiss dots.
There have been a few other but I can't remember if I took photos of them and if I did I certainly can't find them on any memory stick! Oh well!

TFL, Jan

Monday, 26 April 2010

Recipe Box and Wedding Card

While we were in Australia I managed to find a scrapbook store and picked up a few bits. I came across an Australian company called Kaiser Craft that do a cool range of alterable stuff, amongst other things. This recipe box came in a flat pack. It's made from chipboard ( the wooden stuff not the scrapping stuff) and it probably cost more to post home than to actually buy. I decorated it using BG Gypsy paper, some cardstock, of course my scallop border punch and some acrylic paint. Quite happy with the end result.

Thanks to the girls over on CraftSupplies who helped
me with the quotes.

Now all I need to do is fill it with delicious recipes.

I made this wedding card for my friend's wedding last week. I made the whole template myself in Design Master for the CraftRobo. It took me quite a while to start to get to grips with it again but I was delighted with the result. I actually really like this card.

P.S. I know it looks a bit warped in places but it wasn't IRL.

TFL, Jan

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Been a long. long time.

Well it's been quite a while since I've posted on here. The main reason is that I was away for a year. But I'll have to admit that I'm home since just before Christmas and it took me ages to get back crafting. First off my craftroom was used as a dumping ground while I was away so I had to tidy it up. It was nice to rediscover all my stuff again thoough. Then to be honest my mojo was AWOL, completely. I only did a few cards here and there and they were all last minute rush jobs. I'm on Easter holidays now though and I decided to make a concentrated effort to get back crafting and I think I'm getting back into the swing of it. It's been all cardmaking and no scrapping. I reckon it will take an age to go through all the photos from travelling and when I do I'd probably have to give up my day job to get them all scrapped (wishful thinking).

Anyway so here are a few of the bits and pieces I have managed to do.

Way back in December Jackie very kindly put one of her workshop kits up for grabs and I was lucky enough to win it. It arrived just in time for me to make this card.
Thanks Jackie!
Anyway as you might guess from the card, I got engaged. A few friends have followed suit so I've been doing quite a few Engagement cards. Only remembered to take pictures of these 2 though.



Then my aunt asked me to make this Wedding card for her.


Since I'm on a lovey-dovey theme this is the Valentine's card I did for BF.


I've done a few birthday cards for the too, most of them for the birthday club over on Craftsupplies, but these are the only ones I photographed.



I didn't make any Easter cards, but I did bake this Rice Krispie Nest for BF for Easter. You can really see but the inside is lined with Maltesers and Minstrels with a few mini marshallows for good measure.


You might have notice that I'm after getting 2 new scalloped border punches. I'm so addicted and using them on everything at the moment.

Anyway that's about all I've done in a while. Have one other little thing on the go so will post up a few pics once it's done (hopefully not too long).
TFL, Please leave a comment and link to your own blog so I can try and catch up a bit more, Jan

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Some LO's and Christmas cards.

I've gotten a few LO's done since I've been to Caroline's crop last weekend. I got the class LO done but must find a picture to put into it. I know what picture but must try to root it out. I'm going to do an album for my mum for Christmas so I want to put in a picture of her and her sister when they were young and I know we have the picture in a frame somewhere but we're painting downstairs so everything is dumped in one room and I haven't managed to root it out yet. I also got another 2 done for the album, one at the crop and one today but I must ask my Nan for some details for journalling and titles so I haven't taken pictures of them yet.

This is the other one I got done at the crop. It's my nephew Matthew (surprise, surprise!) having a little snooze. The papers are October Afternoon I think, they're from one of the Scraproom kits.

Here's another one of the little man, using papers from another Scraproom kit, this months one I think.

Ok yet another. This was his first time wearing his munster kit. I must find out about the match that was on that day so I can do some journalling on it.

This is one I did a good while ago. Thought I took a picture of it for the last post but I hadn't so here it is. The papers are Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl. I love these papers so much. It's the one collection pack I've probably used the most.

This card is one of those tri fold triangle ones, and I used the word circle tutorial posted over on CS. Used the craftrobo to cut out the cricles and scallops. BTW, Its straight IRL.

I did this Tilda for a challenge. I wanted to do something a bit different with Tilda. I sent it to Kiki for her birthday.

I've been making some Christmas cards over the last while too.
Think this one could be a bit plain.

Think this is missing something.

So that's about all I have to show,
TFL, Jan

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Can't believe its been over amonth since I blogged.

Although actually maybe I can. I've been so busy with stuff the last while. I thought I'd have loads of time over the mid-term but you know when you have time off and you plan things and when you back to work you're nearly worse off than before the break. Today i felt like i was chasing my tail all day and tomorrow is going to be busy too. But at least I've Caroline's crop on Sunday. Really looking forward to it because I missed the last two.

Anyway I've done a few cards and layouts in between the busyness.

These two baby ones were for an order.

This one was using a sketch that was posted over on Craftsupplies.

This is a card I made for my BF's aunt. She has Down's Syndrome and goes to a group called CASA. They meet every week and her 'boyfriend' there makes cards for her every so often. My BF's mum asked me to make some for her to give to him the next time so this is one I did
I've done a few LO's too but this seems to be the only one I've taken a photo of.
Will try to photograph the rest and post them, shortly hopefully.
TFL, Jan

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Even though I haven't blogged in a few weeks I have been doing some crafting.
I got an order for these 2 wedding cards (I know they're both almost the same but the couples don't know each other)

This Christmas card was part of the same order.
I like how it turned out, but can't believe I've made a Christmas card this early.

October is busy in our house because both of my brothers and I have our birthdays and Mum and Dad's Anniversary is coming up too. Here are the cards I made for the two boys.


I did this photo frame/LO type thing for my oldest brother too.
It's in one of those 'frameless' glass frames IYKWIM.
Have done a little bit of scrapping too.
I've been wanting to scrap this photo for ages and finally got it done. I like the LO but not 100% happy with the journalling. It's stuck on with repositionable Herma though so i might change it yet.
I had this LO almost done when I saw Sketch 20 over on Creative Scrappers. It really fits the Sketch so I must post it over there too.
Have another LO done too but no journalling on it yet so I'll hold up on posting it 'til it's all done.

TFL, Jan