Sunday, 18 May 2008

2 'finished off' LO's, some photos and Geocaching

I finally decided to put the finishing touches to some Lo's that I've had lying around for a while that weren't quite done. Most were just missing a title or journalling so it wasn't too hard to do.

The first is a LO I've had done for quite a while and I wanted to finish it off at Crafteire by adding the journalling spot but I lost my stamps so I had to order new ones and wait for them.

The second one started off a challenge for Crafteire but when I came home I changed it a bit but never added a title so now I think it's finished.

I've been busy taking photo's for Cj's Painting with Light course too. I'm really enjoying it and learning loads, even if some weeks it's hard to get the time to really play around with the camera. Anyway here are some of my shots from the last 3 modules.

These are shots of BF's aunt. I was so pleased to get some nice pictures of her. She has Down's Syndrome and whenever she know's her photo is being taken she tilts her chin right up and 'smiles' which means her whole face is scrunched up. I thought these turned out well.

We had to try some silhouettes last week. I'm not sure about the sun flare in the first one but i love the shot other than that. Its my BF pucking around with his hurley and sliothar. Had to give him something to do coz he was so uncomfortable just standing there having his photo taken. Last is a shot of Drake's Pool on the Owenabue River near Crosshaven for anyone who knows my neck of the woods.

We had to take some people shots this week and this is what I came up with.

BF and BF's mum.

This morning I went Geocaching with my dad. We were looking for a cache down in Currabinny Woods. For anyone who doesn't know the woods there's two entrance points and the satnav was guiding us towards the 'back' entrance. So we parked up there and ended up walking beyond the co-ordinates IYKWIM. So we decided to leave the trail and trek through the trees. When we got to the co-ordinates we had great fun rooting around lloking for cahce and were delighted when we found it.

Have earmaked a few more that are nearby so hopefully we'll get out to them soon enough.

TFL, Jan