Saturday, 26 January 2008

Really Bad Blogger

Ok so i've been a terrible blogger. After all the Christmas cards i made i was kind of allergic to crafting for a while. Did get a few bits done mostly cards though, which were done under pressure and i don't think i photographed any. They were just about done in time to give to people, never mind showing them here. The last few weeks since I've gone back to work have been hectic too.

Christmas went really well, if not too fast. I got a CraftRobo from my BF and his family and i have to say I love it. Still haven't explored half of the drawing/design capability but I'm getting there thanks to the wonderful girls on UKS

Last week the camogie club had a dinner dance/awards ceremony. It was really only an awards night for the U-16's since the Senior team didn't win anything. Anyway, there was a bit of running around done in the lead up to that.

I got an award for Senior Personality of the Year which I was really thrilled with. I did put a lot of effort into the club and training this year and it was really nice that i was noticed and recognised in this way.

I'm also trying to do my room up at the moment. I've picked cream and pine furniture like here. I'm after choosing very plain duck-egg blue/turquoise colour curtains with a subtle pattern and i'm hoping to get some nice bed-clothes in that kind of colour too. A lot of my spare evenings have been spent looking around fabric and carpet shops. I had lookled in loads of fabric shops and had decided on the fabric for the curtains but when i was looking for a carpet I came across another fabric that Iliked better so I changed my mind (I'm very indecisive) SO i'm now driven made looking for a carpet. I was thinking of trying to get something to match the curtains but then I'd be really tied to that colour scheme, then Mum suggested a cream colour but i'm afraid it would be a)to bland with the cream furniture and b)I'd have it ruined within a week because its such a plae colour. Any suggestions on a postcard please!!!My Dad is now trying to get me to pick a colour for the walls which i haven't even begun to think about ARGGGHHHH! I'm beginning to wish I'd just left it as it was.

Ok so I know i said this blog would just be for my crafting stuff but I just thought I'd fill you in so you'd know I do have an excuse for not blogging.

So back to the crafting

Here's a LO I did recently enough using BG Mellow. Its of my dog Minor.
Just this week I made a card for a woman I work with. Her niece won a state science fair in California and she wanted a card that had something to do with that in it. I cut out the California shape and LAcey on my CraftRobo and i design the science flask type things on it and cut them too. I have to say I was happy with how it turned out and thanks to the girls on CraftSupplies for their great ideas which really helped.

Oh and here's a wedding card I did over Christmas

I actually cut up the wedding invite for the gold (there was a spare page at the back of it) and the black was lovely velvet card that was from our Christmas crackers, and the beads too. So it was an almost completely recycled card.

Oh and Dad got a Canon EOS400D as a retirement present in November and as part of the package there was a free training course which I went on today because he didn't think he'd follow it. He sent me in the hopes that I would and now he has no reason to know how to use the camera he'll just have to ask me everytime he wants to take a photo LOL. In fairness to him though he is starting a photography night class soon and hopefully it'll be a good one or else i'd say we'll come to blows over him asking me the same thing over and over and me not showing him properly or going too fast.

So anyway that's really it for now. Hope to be back soon,

TFL, Jan